Child Sexual Abuse

We are all responsible of the protection of children and teenagers, and therefore it is essential to immediately respond to any sign or evidence of sexual abuse.
The victims of these abuses, which often take place within their own family, should be treated by professionals who can provide them with the necessary psychological and legal assistance. At Patón & Asociados we specialize in the defense of abused children and our attorneys and psychologists provide comprehensive care and attention for both, the victims of such abuses and their relatives.
Also, we cannot ignore the fact that cases where a troubled family situation leads to making false allegations of sexual abuse in order to obtain benefits during a divorce or separation are increasingly frequent. At Patón & Asociados we have spent years defending falsely accused people, who suffer a profoundly unjust, legally difficult and very delicate situation. As in cases of gender violence, we specialize in the defense against false allegations.
We are all responsible of the protection of children and teenagers. At Patón & Asociados we offer psychological and legal assistance to children who have been victims of these crimes so that they will not go unpunished.