Child Abduction

Parental kidnapping is increasingly common in situations of separation or divorce: fathers or mothers who decide to take justice into their own hands and abduct their own children.
At Patón & Asociados we are at our clients’ service from the moment the race against time begins to recover their children, in order to bring them back to their usual environment and defend the rights of the parent.
Child abductions are becoming increasingly common. Patón & Asociados can manage the defense and protection of children held by one of their parents.


Child abductions most often take place within the country where they live. This is also considered a kidnapping despite not crossing any international borders.
If the child is taken to another Spanish city, we, at Patón & Asociados, take care of recovering him/her and defending his/her rights and those of the other parent.


Cases in which the children’s father or mother are carried outside our national borders without the consent of the other parent are increasingly common.
Thanks to our worldwide network of specialized professionals, at Patón & Asociados we take care of these cases so that the child’s legal status is restored and he/she can return to his usual home.